These Outfit7 Neo Rules of Conduct for Guilds (the "ROC") govern your participation in the guilds in the Outfit7 Neo Applications, and are part of and incorporated by reference into the Outfit7 Neo End User License Agreement (the "EULA"), available at this time here: https://outfit7neo.com/eula.

These ROC do not contain an exhaustive list of prohibited behaviors and do not cover all possible options of offensive, inappropriate and intolerable behaviour.


Guilds are intended to connect the community in a more systematic way by individual players connecting and participating in achieving a common goal. You are responsible for how you express yourself and behave in the guild. Monitoring the compliance with the ROC is carried out by Outfit7 Neo and its authorised representatives, as well as players who open and govern each specific guild (the, "Guild Master/s"). If you come across a player who is clearly violating the rules, please write a message to our customer support.


We will not tolerate any behavior that can be understood as being disrespectful, offensive, or vulgar, enticing hatred or sowing discord, or spreading hate speech or harassment.

Do not:

  • use profanity, veiled profanity, obscene language, insult other people,
  • post information aimed at distracting players from the topic of conversation (so called flood),
  • use derogatory language when talking about anyone's race, nationality, ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual orientation,
  • discuss the issues of politics to deliberately provoke conflicts,
  • disseminate your personal information or that of any player or third party, including but not limited to their real name, home address, email address, phone number, passport data,
  • extort or blackmail players, including but not limited to the extortion or blackmail of personal information,
  • troll, attack and/or bully other players,
  • place or share of pornographic and erotic materials or links to them,
  • direct or indirect promotion of drugs, including but not limited to prescription drugs, and alcohol,
  • place advertising messages of any kind,
  • pose threats and/or insults against other players, Guild Master, Outfit7 Neo representatives or other persons,
  • share cheat codes, including but not limited to tips on how to obtain additional virtual currency via cheating the system etc.,
  • provoke other players into violating these ROC, EULA or any other rules and regulations either published by us or required by the applicable legislations,
  • dissemination of information that is directly or indirectly related to organizations, historical or political figures convicted by international tribunals or recognised as terrorists, socially dangerous and/or illegal,
  • spread fake news,
  • impersonate any person, including but not limited to other players and/or our representatives,
  • use nicknames, usernames, names of the guilds that are in direct or indirect violation of these ROC.


Guild Masters are responsible for the behavior in the guild they created. Guild Masters must monitor everyone's behavior is in compliance with the rules set in these ROC, EULA and any relevant rules.

If Guild Masters notice a player is violating these ROC, they can warn such a user and/or kick (remove) them from the guild.


If Outfit7 Neo and its authorised representatives and/or Guild Master determine in their sole discretion that a player has violated these ROC and/or EULA and/or any other relevant rule, they can warn such a player that their behavior has been noted and they will not be able to participate in the guild feature entirely if they continue with the activities that are in violation of these ROC.

Outfit7 Neo and its authorised representatives and/or Guild Master can also determine in their sole discretion to immediately remove a player from the guild.

Once a player is removed from the guild because they violated the ROC, they will also be issued a permanent ban from all the social features in the Application.

Outfit7 Neo and its authorised representatives' decision on whether a player has violated these ROC and/or EULA is final.